On ‘yer Bike!

On ‘yer Bike!

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On your Fatbike that is, if you can get hold of one.

The “FatBike” has arrived in Quebec City.

Quebec City (Quebec) 7 January 2015 – If you were hesitant to ride a bike in the winter because you were afraid to slip and slide on those skinny tires, wait no more; the “FatBike” is here. The bike in question has huge 3.5 inch or 4.8 inch tires that can easily be used on ice and snow during the winter months.

The bikes have been available for a few years but have suddenly become extremely popular; at least in this city. The demand is so strong that there are approximately 10 customers for each Fatbike available in the stores.

The bicycle shops are doing a booming business and expect the trend to continue for the next four to five years.

The bikes were first designed to roll on soft sandy beaches in the south but have now come north to ride on the soft snowy trails of Canada. There are several Fatbike trails being developed at Mont Ste. Anne for winter riding and there will be more to come, followed by competitions during the summer and winter.

The cost of a Fatbike can run from $600 to $1,100 depending on the quality and options. The demand is so strong that people are encouraged to reserve their purchases in advance if they want one of these bikes for the summer.

One of the local distributers, Magma Development, who distributes to several Quebec sporting outlets under the name of Spherik, is completely out of stock.

Demers bicycle stores says they have three different brands of Fatbike and will have more on hand this spring to try and meet the demand.

They are definitely a great bike for off-trail and mountain biking besides being good on the snowy conditions so it is a bike that can be used 12 months out of the year.

Could winter biking take over from cross-country skiing or even skating? Maybe, just maybe.

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