Pollack House Owner Called to Court for its Maintenance

Pollack House Owner Called to Court for its Maintenance

Quebec City (Quebec) September 28, 2014 – One of the most well-known buildings of Grande Allée has fallen into disrepair, causing the City to sue the owner and now bring him before the court. As the building is classified as a heritage site, its owner has special additional responsibilities regarding the maintenance of its outer facade, and the City claims he has been negligent in these duties.

Pollack House, named after Maurice Pollack, its most famous inhabitant, is one of the few remaining houses to testify to the wealth of the bourgeois class when it was built at the turn of the 20th century.  Maurice Pollack was a Jewish Russo-Ukrainian immigrant who arrived in Québec City in 1902 at the age of 20, founding a store in the Saint-Roch district that soon became wildly successful. He devoted the later years of his life to philanthropy, notably in education and music.

After his passing, his house served various uses and is now a mixed-use building, rented out to tenants. There are however only a few tenants left, as the owner of the building has acquired a permit to fully renovate the interior of the building. It is worth noting that the permit includes “demolition”, so the future of the building appears uncertain.

For now, however, the courts will decide if the building’s owner must repair the external facade of the building and restore it to its original appearance as an icon of Grande Allée.

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