Statement: End of regular publication of Life in Québec Magazine

Statement: End of regular publication of Life in Québec Magazine

As of a few weeks ago, we the owners of Life in Québec have decided to end regular publication of Life in Québec Magazine.

We feel it would be prudent to pre-emptively address speculation that may arise regarding our decision.

It’s not because the magazine was losing money.  On the contrary, every issue of Life in Québec Magazine has either broken even or turned a small profit, thanks to the support of our many subscribers and advertisers, and also to the incredible work of the many dedicated writers and editors who performed miracles with limited budgets.

It’s not because print media is dying.  Print media is certainly going through a period of considerable change as it must come to terms with the fact that the internet is more prominent today.

Just as the printing press did not cause the end of storytelling, so too will the internet not mean the end of print.  Unlike most major publications struggling to catch up to the digital age, Life in Québec was born online.  We launched Life in Québec Magazine in response to what we saw was a niche that couldn’t quite fill as a digital medium and was not being catered for by other media outlets.

For better or worse, readers’ interests and attention spans are not the same when reading off a page than they are when reading off an internet-connected screen.  Print remains the best medium for think pieces, deeper exposés, curiosity-driven reading, and articles that invite quiet reflection.  This, we are confident, is exactly what we delivered with Life in Québec Magazine.

The simple truth is, after over five years of publication, we feel we have accomplished what we set out to do with Life in Québec Magazine, and now we want to move on to other promising opportunities with our personal and professional lives.

When we launched Life in Québec Magazine, there genuinely was nothing quite like it in Québec.  English-language publications in the province essentially fell into two broad categories: Montréal-based publications that showed minimal interest in Québec outside the 514 area code, and local publications that catered to pockets of small but vibrant Anglophone communities throughout the province.  We launched Life in Québec Magazine to prove that there was a market for a broad range of content about Québec as a whole in the English language without the English language or Anglophone communities being the focus point of our content, and in a manner that fully appreciated and embraced the Francophone reality of Québec.

In this, we feel we more than succeeded, and can now end regular publication of Life in Québec Magazine with immense pride.

As mentioned earlier, Life in Québec Magazine was marginally profitable – quite a feat in the current climate.  Not only that, Life in Québec Magazine reached this balance point without the help of any of the government subsidies that every major periodical in the country relies on to stay afloat.

We consider this to be proof that our initial bet was right.  We have also noticed, also with pride, that after five years other English-language publications have moved in a similar direction.  Community-driven publications throughout the province have begun to take more interest in what’s happening outside their immediate communities, and cross-Québec issues are more commonly discussed across language lines.  We can’t say for sure if Life in Québec Magazine was the driving cause, but in a small way, we think we contributed to this positive change and we hope the ripples will continue.

Our most heartfelt thanks go out to the many writers, staff, advertisers, subscribers, and the unwavering support of our friends and families who shared our vision throughout this grand (to us) adventure.

So what happens next? will remain active and will remain a place for what the web does best: news, discussion, opinion, arts and culture reviews, and other free exchanges of ideas and information.

Stay tuned – you haven’t heard the last from us yet.

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