Weekend of August 28 is shaping up to be logistical nightmare

Weekend of August 28 is shaping up to be logistical nightmare

Quebec City (Quebec) 13 February 2015 – With the announcement this week of the rock group AC/DC coming to the city to give a show on the Plains of Abraham the 28th of August, the organizer of the Québec-Lévis marathon, which always takes place on the last weekend of August, couldn’t believe his ears when he heard the news.

The marathon uses the Plains for two sections of the marathon and with the rock show taking place and all the installations and staging it requires, the marathon organizers are going to have to find a different route in order to accommodate the 13,000 runners from around the world that come to participate in the marathon which has become well known throughout the circuit.

The director of the marathon, Denis Therrien calls the whole thing a nightmare and is upset that the organizers of the AC/DC show hadn’t thought of the consequences when reserving that particular weekend to book the band.

Not only is there a problem having to reroute certain sections of the race because of the increased congestion in and around the Plains of Abraham, including the parliament area where one of the competitions starts, there is also a second problem for the end of the marathon as it will coincide with the last day of the annual Bordeaux fête le vin celebrations at Espace 400 at the old port.

The marathon ends up at the old port where most of the spectators will be watching which, under the circumstances, is going to be a crowd and traffic catastrophe for the wine event and the runners combined.

There will also be a problem for lodging all the people who will be in town for the three events going on at the same time M. Therrien adds.

He hopes to find a convenient and quick solution for his marathon so he can communicate the changes to all the participants involved before it’s too late.

A warning to all our readers – if you’re not taking part in any of these events or even if you are, we suggest you plan well ahead and either avoid the area or use public transportation, because the whole area will be crawling (marathon or not) with people.

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