New Tourist Train for Charlevoix Region

New Tourist Train for Charlevoix Region

Baie St. Paul (Quebec) December 29, 2014 – There’s a new option for tourists in the Chalevoix region known as the “Light-Rail Train” that travels between Baie St. Paul and La Malbaie.  Serving as a sightseeing train while at the same time getting skiers and nature lovers out to enjoy the area, the little rail shuttle that takes you through some of Quebec’s prettiest landscape which you wouldn’t be able to see any other way. Squeezed between the mountain cliffs and the St. Lawrence River the self-powered two car “bus on rails” takes you on a less than 2 hour ride through Baie St. Paul, Les Eboulements, Saint Irénée ending up in the beautiful town of Point-au Pic and La Malbaie.

During the winter the train serves as a shuttle between Baie St. Paul and Le Massif ski centre to accommodate skiers who can visit the artistic town of Baie St. Paul and go skiing at the same time without having to use their car. Where it stops at the Massif ski centre allows you to board the Gondola lift at the bottom of the hills. The shuttle is quiet, functional and serves up tea and coffee on its route. Baie St. Paul is a small 350 year old town known for its attraction to artists who come from all over North America to paint and share ideas. It became famous when Canada’s Group of Seven artists used to go there every summer to meet and paint.

The little Light-Rail Train costs $35 for a return trip between La Malbaie and Baie St. Paul during the summer months. They also have some package deals that include a one night stay in one of the local hotels.

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